Volé (v.)—"flown"

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do is
to our

     -Maria Wawrzynski 

Volé member

Kaley Rachelle

Members of Penn State ballet club Volé discuss the pain of performance as their tech week persists. 




stress fractures

chronic injuries

toenails falling off

Jennifer Volz said she's anxious every time she laces up her pointe shoes.


Kasey Feather

“Instead of thinking ‘Oh, this is going to
hurt tomorrow,’ I think ‘The more I do this
now, the more I push, the better I’ll be.’

sweat and

are making me stronger.”


Bethany Dawn

“It can be so beautiful, because when
it’s perfected it’s rare.” 

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Gabriella Santoliquito.

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“I never really thought about why I put up
with this pain, but I do. When you’re on
stage and you have a connection with
being up there...you’re telling a story.”  —Volz

Gabriella Santoliquito

All photos/videos are of Volé members, taken with their permission.

Music — "Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust" by Sigur Rós