Ordering Coffee in Tel Aviv

October 2018 | Finishing Line Press

Ordering Coffee in Tel Aviv is a coming-of-age narrative that takes place in both Israel and in the US. Most concerning to Wolper is identity and identification: She identifies with fallen Jewish paratrooper and poet Hannah Senesh but can't use her own Hebrew name to order coffee for fear she might not recognize it. Rife with exploration of cyclical family issues and the harrowing experience of female adolescence, Wolper's first chapbook takes minute, quotidian occurrences and inflects them with thought in brief, succinct poems. 

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"Earth Mother in the Clearing" — Glass: A Journal of Poetry
"outside me, around me" and "HE LETS YOU GET DRESSED & THEN GIVES YOU A XANAX —
Hypertrophic Press,  Winter 2018 Issue. Print (pg. 12 & 46) | Online

"Your Skin is Tough & Yours" —
Ghost City Review
"The Nazi Flag in His Parents' Attic" — Yes, Poetry
"The Pomegranate" — Hooligan Magazine (p. 55)
"Her Hysterectomy" and "Ordering Coffee in Tel Aviv" — Longleaf Review
"The Rules of the Road Aren't Fair" and "The Snake, Disguised" — Yes, Poetry
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"Her Hysterectomy" — Best of the Net nomination


"Cherry Springs State Park" — Academy of American Poets Steinberg Prize


"Gold-Dipped Roses are Too Ornamental" — James "Jake" Cranage Award in Creative Writing
                                                                               Katey Lehman Award For Poetry


"weak bones" — Mathew Mihelcic Poetry Award

"the tourist's umbrella at nightfall" — Katey Lehman Award For Poetry